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Free Keith Giammanco

No American should be convicted twice for the exact same crimes! Keith Giammanco was a middle-class, single father of twin daughters who panicked during the stock market crash when facing foreclosure and homelessness. He robbed banks with notes to provide for his children, but never used or threatened to have a weapon. Keith Giammanco was not proud of his crimes and immediately took responsibility. He pled guilty in federal court to all the robberies, and was sentenced to six years. Even the federal judge called his actions nonviolent and recommended he be placed at the lowest possible level prison. His prosecution should have been finished there, but it wasn’t. St. Louis County, where half of the crimes occurred, used his guilty plea and conviction in federal court as evidence in state court, sentencing him to twenty years—more than three times the federal sentence for only half of the crimes. His release date for the federal sentence was in 2014. He should already be home. His release date is not until 2028 for the state sentence. Keith Giammanco has a spotless prison record during nearly a decade of incarceration. He has already paid his debt to society by serving his federal sentence and is willing and able to be a productive, taxpaying citizen of our state.

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Email the Missouri Governor at this link.

Ask Governor Eric Greitens to show compassion by granting Keith Giammanco clemency.

To have postcards (like the featured image of this page) sent to Governor Greitens, email Caroline at this address.