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In Sickness and in Health

Book signings are fun. They are my equivalent of a vacation. Okay, call me crazy, but I enjoy meeting readers and sharing the excitement I have about my book.

This holiday season I had two Barnes and Noble book signings scheduled that I was stoked to do. The first was in Rogers, Arkansas on December 10. It was my first time in that store and I looked forward to meeting new people. The second was an encore book signing in St. Peters, Missouri on December 17.

Unfortunately, sometimes life doesn’t cooperate. I got sick. Not just the sniffles, but s-i-c-k! Not long after I arrived in Rogers, the fever hit. Chills, headache, and an increasingly sore throat grew exponentially by the moment. That feeling of being sucked into a whirlpool hit me. I struggled my way through three and a half hours before I did the unthinkable: I left my signing sooner than I had scheduled. Looking back, it was the smart thing to do. I had hours of driving to get home, and by the time I reached my comfy abode, I was ready to hide under the covers in my misery.

During that short signing, however, I met some amazing people. One was the daughter of a loyal fb friend of mine. Her mom now lives in Iowa, but the family is from Rogers. She surprised her mom by getting a signed copy. This was definitely worth making the trip even though I wasn’t 100%.

Another customer stopped by my table once he heard my name announced on the intercom. He had bought Bank Notes off the shelf at the Fayetteville, Arkansas Barnes and Noble. He was eager to speak with me. He loved the book and had to laugh because he works at a bank. He also has a family member who had been in prison. The story spoke to him on many levels.

While it wasn’t the signing I had hoped for (fevers aren’t fun), it was a worthwhile trip that I will remember.

The St. Peters signing also had its dicey moments. Actually, they were “icy” moments. Not only was I still sick, but the weather turned ugly. The night before, icy streets and roadways turned major freeways in St. Louis into parking lots. I drove to St. Peters (a four hour trek) early the next morning, threading the needle of round two of bad weather. I had friends telling me I was either brave or crazy, but I thought I could make it if I timed it right.

I made it to my signing as temperatures dropped sharply. Eager shoppers flocked to the store for Christmas gifts before the storm arrived. It was a great day! I sold out at that same store a few weeks before, and I nearly did at this event. I met so many wonderful people, and found out that one person who stopped by was a radio talk show host. He would later ask me onto his show.

I stayed the entire time as sleet and ice fell before I made my way to my friend Debra’s house not far from the Barnes and Noble. She’s my designated guardian angel it seems, and I greatly appreciated having a friendly and safe place to stay. Driving home would have been impossible.

While I faced illness and icy roads, these book signings were well worth the effort. I hope to see you at my next one.


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