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Hey, It’s Good to be Back Home Again

On Saturday, February 11, 2017, I had a book event at the Springfield, Missouri Barnes and Noble. This was a special event for me. I grew up in the Ozarks, and after all of my book signings across the country, I finally had one at the Barnes and Noble in my “home” area.

Friends and former students from past years drove to Springfield to see me. That means a lot. I always enjoy meeting new readers at events, but there is a comfort in spending time with old friends that can’t be compared.

My sister, Annie, joined me as well. This was the first book event she has been able to attend with me. She had as much fun talking with customers as I did! We hope our families will embrace us and our pursuits, and it was incredibly rewarding to see my sister’s face light up when talking about my book. My relationship with Keith was shunned by our brother and other family members. Having Annie’s endorsement means the world to me.

My second book, Guilty Hearts, should be published in a month or two, and I am welcome back for another signing at this location.

Annie and Caroline
Some sister bonding time


Good friends make for great times.