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Somebody Like You

On August 7, 2017, Keith Giammanco’s interview with radio host Paul Reeves was aired on For the first time since Keith went to prison, he was able to speak on a radio broadcast. It was an enlightening and candid conversation.

Keith does not brag about his crimes. Being the “Boonie Hat Bandit” isn’t a badge of honor that he wears. He does, however, feel that his experiences can be used to improve our current criminal justice system. Reform is good for our communities, the taxpayers and, yes, the inmates. Keith realizes he crossed the line into crime for a variety of reasons (which are detailed in Bank Notes), but he has chosen to use his mistakes to fight for something worthwhile for all of us.

Owning our mistakes is not always easy. Keith does not dodge his responsibility for his crimes. He has never claimed innocence or made excuses for his poor judgment at the time of the bank robberies. How many of us know people who will never admit a mistake? Keith wears the yoke of personal responsibilities for his crimes.

For those who want to label him as nothing but a criminal, you are missing the truth that all of us–including Keith Giammanco–are more than the sum total of our mistakes. Keith has wisdom gained through fire and tribulation. Take a listen to his interview. He is far from the stereotypical inmate most people envision. He truly is “somebody like you.” I am proud that he loves somebody like me.

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